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You Spin Me Round Necklace (Free Crochet Pattern)


As the days get warmer I find myself putting away my thick woollen projects and looking for finer and cooler yarns to work with. The “you spin me round necklace” was born out of this desire and is full of summer frivolity and fun. It has a raw rhythm to it, a bit like when you’re immersed in music or listening to waves breaking on the shore. The same stitch is repeated over and over, round and round (hence the name), making this project great if you’re new to crochet or if your brain is struggling to work on a hot day.

This necklace feels light and cool because the linen yarn is thin and made from natural fibres – you hardly know it’s around your neck when you’re wearing it. Initially the linen yarn has a slight roughness to it that feels nice; it softens as the necklace is made and worn.


There are so many reasons why I love this necklace – the thin natural fibres feel lovely, it’s quick and easy to make and it can be worn so many different ways.


What You Need to Make This


  • 1 ball of Mustard Tours by Pierrot Yarns.  This is a 100% linen, fingering yarn that is available from Tangled Yarns.  (See below for more info on finding this yarn)
  • 3.00mm Addi Swing crochet hook.
  • Darning needle.
  • Scissors.
  • Tape measure.
  • 5 pieces of yarn approximately 100mm long for marking stitches.  It helps if they’re in a different colour to the main yarn.


The Size

  • Circumference around the tube – 20mm.
  • Length of the tube – 1.4m.
  • Length of the necklace when worn doubled – 300mm.

When you’re making this pattern the gauge really isn’t important, you can vary the diameter or length to suit your preference.


How to Make It


Note – this pattern uses UK crochet terms.
  • Foundation Chain: Make a slip knot, leaving a 100mm yarn end.  Make 4 chains, then slip stitch into the first chain to form a loop. This forms the start of the tube. To make it easier to join the two ends together, mark each chain and slip stitch with a piece of yarn.
  • Row 1: Make a half treble (instructions below) into the first chain (this is the chain you did the slip stitch into).  Half treble into each of the remaining 3 chains and the slip stich.  When doing the half trebles hold the tube so that when the hook goes under the top loops of the stitch it goes from inside the tube to outside.
  • Row 2: Continue to work a half treble into each stitch in a continuous spiral.  This forms the tube.
  • Row 3 onwards: Repeat row 2 until the tube is 1.4m long.  While you’re doing this you get to experience the “you spin me round” part of the pattern.
  • Finishing:
    • Slip stitch into the next stitch.
    • Hold the tube and let it hang free to remove any unnecessary twist from spinning around.
    • Butt the two ends of the tube together and work slip stitches to join the two ends.  This is where the yarn markers you inserted into the chain at the start come in handy.
    • Fasten off leaving about 100mm of yarn free.
    • Weave in the two loose yarn ends using the darning needle.
  • The Most Important Step: wear your necklace or give it to someone else to wear.
Now that you’ve finished the “you spin me round necklace” why don’t you make more in different colours and lengths?  You can wear them all together, individually or in different combos.


About the Half Treble Stitch

A half treble crochet stitch is a cross between a double crochet and a treble.  Here’s the step-by-step instructions on how the make a half treble in case you need them:

  1. Yarn round hook and insert the hook under the top loops of the stitch below.
  2. Yarn round hook, pull the yarn back under the 2 loops of the stitch below.
  3. Yarn round hook and pull through the 3 loops on the hook.



You can find this pattern on Ravelry here.
Happy crocheting!
With love,

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