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The Best Techniques for Crochet with Chunky Yarn

Yarn comes in a variety of colours, materials, and sizes. If you find yourself with chunky yarn, and you are not exactly sure what the best crochet techniques are for using it, this article will help you tremendously. It will go over a few of the many different stitching styles that are perfect for chunky yarn.

It will provide a quick breakdown for how to do the three following crochet techniques:

  • Double crochet (US terminology) / Treble (UK terminology)
  • V stitch
  • Puff stitch

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how to do some of the best chunky yarn techniques.

Double Crochet (US terminology) / Treble (UK terminology)

You need to start this stitch with a foundation chain. Make a slipknot with your chunky yarn, and stitch your foundation chain to the appropriate length, with two extra stitches at the end.

Take the yarn and bring it over the hook, insert it into the next stitch on your chain and make a loop. Next, bring your chunky yarn over, and then put two loops onto the hook.

Pull your yarn over again, and pull both of the loops with the hook.

This is a simple breakdown of how the double crochet stitch is made.

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V Stitch

This particular stitch is great for chunky yarn. For the first step, you will need to stitch a chain using a multiple of three plus one. Bring the hook into the fifth chain. You will now have created the initial V stitch.

Now, pass up two stitches and make a V stitch into the chain that follows.

Next, carry out the step you did before to create the entire row. You should have two chains. Turn your rows over, and start making the third chain.

Skip over the initial stitch you made, and make a V stitch on the first chain. To finish the row, make a double stitch on the upper part of the chain that you are turning.

Puff Stitch

Although there are several more crochet techniques that are ideal for chunky yarn, this is the final one included in this article.

For this technique, you need to start with a base off of which to work. To create this base, stitch a number of chains that is even and, beginning with the second chain away from your hook, make a double crochet row.

Next, turn the row around and make a double crochet stitch in the foundation of your first chain. Keep in mind that all the stitches will be made on the opposite side of your creation.

Now, you can start the actual puff stitch.

To do this stitch, simply yarn over, and guide the hook through the proceeding stitch. Repeat the step of yarning through five times. Once this has been completed, yarn over before guiding the hook through all of the loops.

Next, do a double crochet into the following stitch, do your puff stitch again, and then create another double crochet stitch. Do a double crochet stitch on the first chain, as well as on every single stitch in the row. Finally, turn your work over, and repeat the row with the puff stitch.

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