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Inspiring customers to get creative

A part of my job that I absolutely adore is communicating with my customers and potential customers. I carefully read every single email that comes through and I enjoy thoughtfully responding. I always try to help my customers find the best products and solutions for their own creative journey.

Here is a conversation between a crochet beginner named Kyla and I about starting her first chunky crochet blanket project.  

Hi Lynda,

I’m brand new to crocheting and your instagram pics have inspired me to learn!

I want to crochet a deep grey blanket. I’ve found a crochet pattern that requires 20 x 100g balls of a rich grey colour and 14 x 50g balls of a slightly lighter colour and a 10mm crochet needle. Do you sell something like this and if so, how much for everything including delivery to Brisbane, QLD?

Alternatively, you might have a pattern for a chunky blanket throw (something that could stretch across the bottom of a king size bed)? 

Kind regards,

Hi Kyla,

It’s lovely to hear from you ?

I’m so glad that you’re inspired to crochet a blanket! It’s such a rewarding process, and it feels so nice to snuggle into a blanket you’ve made, especially when it’s a chunky wool blanket!

Based on the size of the crochet hook in your pattern, I’m thinking Homelea Bliss (my chunky merino wool yarn) may be too big for the design – the smallest crochet hook size I recommend for it is 15.75mm, the 10mm is a tad too small.

Saying that, one of the wonderful things about crocheting chunky blankets is that it’s easy to change and adapt any pattern to suit the yarn you’d like to use, or any other modifications you’d like! There’s no reason why you couldn’t order the same amount of yarn in Homelea Bliss and a 15.75mm crochet pattern and see how it goes. You can always adjust as you go!

If you’d like to do some planning for your blanket before committing, I recommend ordering a skein of Homelea Bliss and a crochet hook sized between 15.75mm and 25mm, and following the steps in this blog post. The benefit of doing this is that you get to make up a sample, and work out how much yarn you’ll need. With any yarn, there are variations in dye lot colours so if you’re worried about there being slight colour variations in your blanket, it’s a good idea to order enough yarn for your blanket up front.

I do have chunky crochet blanket patterns (the sizes include a king size bed option) with detailed video tutorials available in my online shop – this may be useful for you.

I hope all this info helps, and feel free to reply with any other questions you have. Feel free to send me through the pattern if you’d like some more detailed advice.

Macarla Blanket | Homelea Lass contemporary crochet


I thoroughly enjoy sharing my crochet and yarn knowledge and as you can see above, I offer a lot of information in my responses. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries before making a purchase, or simply post your question in the comments below. I am here to help!


With love, Lynda. x


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