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How much chunky yarn do I need for a throw?

A question I get asked a lot is “how much chunky yarn do I need for a throw?”. There are lots of different factors involved, so I’ve put together my expert knowledge and recommendations for you.


What influences how much yarn you’ll need

There are lots of different factors involved in working out how much yarn you’ll need:

  • whether you’re crocheting or knitting,
  • the size of the yarn,
  • the needle/hook size,
  • your unique tension,
  • the stitch, and
  • whether you’re feeling anxious or relaxed.


A quick guide:

I allow 6 x 300g skeins of Homelea Bliss for a 1m x 1m crocheted throw rug (knitting will use less than this).

A more accurate way to work this out: make a test piece with 1 skein or ball to work out what you’d like to make and how much yarn you’ll need – I’ve included instructions down below on how to do this below. You can always turn it into a cowl or a scarf once you’ve made your blanket.

Is it worth it financially to make a chunky blanket? This is an interesting question that explores that value of handmade and quality fibres. We’ve unpacked it and put together some questions for you to consider here.


Chunky Blanket Crochet Kit - chunky Australian Merino wool | Homelea Lass

Homelea Bliss - soft and durable chunky yarn | Homelea Lass


The most accurate way to work out how much yarn you’ll need

Okay dokay, there’s a bit involved in working out much yarn you’ll need for a chunky throw. Start with a gauge square with 1 skein or ball of yarn and then use some simple maths.


This is what to do:

1 – Make a square

Crochet/knit a square that’s at least 30cm (0.3m) x 30cm (0.3m). For the most accurate answer make sure you use the stitch and hook/needle size you want your throw to be made with.

2 – Weigh and measure

Weigh the square in kilograms (kg)  and measure it in metres (m).

3 – Square area

Calculate the area of the square by multiplying the length and width (both from 2 above).  For example – 0.3m x 0.3m = 0.09m2.

4 – Square weight / area

Calculate the weight per area of your square by dividing the weight (from 2 above) by the area (from 3 above). For example – 0.3kg / 0.09m2 = 3.3kg/m2.

5 – Throw size

Work out how big you want your throw to be – I allow 0.7m x 0.7m for a baby blanket, 1m x 1m for a throw and for my queen sized bed I allow 1.7m x 1.7m.

6 – Throw area

Calculate the area of my throw by multiplying the size lengths (from 5 above). For example for a throw = 1m x 1m = 1m2.

7 – How much yarn

Calculate the amount of yarn by multiplying the square weight/area (from 4 above) by the throw area (from 6 above). For example –  3.3kg/m2 x 1m2 = 3.3kg.

8 – Allow some extra

I always allow extra yarn because there’s nothing worse than being a little bit short and not being able to get more yarn in the same dye lot! I allow at least an extra 10% and I do this by multiplying the amount of yarn by 1.1 – for example 3.3kg x 1.1 = 3.6kg.

If you need to get this weight back to grams to use with Homelea Bliss simply multiply it by 1000. For example – 3.6kg x 1000 = 3600g.

There are 300g in each skein of Homelea Bliss, so to work out how many skeins divide your weight in g by 300. For example – 3600g / 300 = 12 skeins.


Blanket School - learn how to crochet a chunky blanket | Homelea Lass


The easy way to make chunky blankets and improve your crocheting

Crocheting blankets doesn’t have to be hard. Enjoy your creative time with a crochet kit from Homelea Lass.


With love, Lynda.


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