Introducing Box of Calm #1: Chunky Hand Dyed Yarn + Beautiful Tea

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There’s something magical about stitching with hand-dyed yarn – watching the colours unfold transports me to a place of calm and tranquillity. Hand-dyed yarn enhances all the positive benefits I get from crocheting.

I’ve been dreaming of having Homelea Bliss hand dyed but I just hadn’t found the right person to work with. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to meet Sai from Happy Hank – she’s a hand dyer and all all-round lovely person that’s based in Bendigo, Victoria.

Sai and I both love hand dyed yarn, knitting and crochet and this is one of the ways we weave pockets of calm into our lives.

One day we sat down at my kitchen table, brewed a pot of “Rebalance Me” tea, and we dreamt up a very special kit with hand dyed Homelea Bliss, tea made in Melbourne and my Melbourne Snood pattern and online class.

Sai has hand-painted Homelea Bliss specifically for my Melbourne Snood design – she’s added an extra layer of specialness to my soft and chunky 100% Australian merino wool. Don’t you agree that this is one special yarn?


Box of Calm 1 - hand dyed chunky merino wool | Homelea Lass


The colours flow to help you connect with the calm can be found within the dance of passion, especially when we connect inwards to our innate femininity.

We’ve called our special kit Box of Calm #1 and we hope you love sinking into the calm of making as your crochet each stitch and watch the colours meld and play before your eyes as you make your Melbourne Snood.

Each Box of Calm #1 includes a 300g hand-painted skein of Homelea Bliss, Melbourne made tea, Melbourne Snood printed pattern and online access to all my “non-chunky crochet patterns and classes, ‘made with love’ tag, and 2 stitch markers.


Box of Calm 1 - hand dyed chunky merino wool | Homelea Lass

Box of Calm 1 - hand dyed chunky merino wool | Homelea Lass


There is only a limited number of these relaxing kits left, and you can shop for them here.


I hope you love crocheting with your Box of Calm #1!

With love, Lynda.