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Will I be able to manage a 25mm crochet hook?

Categories: Crocheting


I was recently asked by one of my lovely customers if she would be able to manage a chunky U or 25mm crochet hook.

This is something I hear regularly at markets, and once the person tries crocheting with the light hook and soft yarn they are surprised at how easy it is and how lovely it feels. The wrong type of crochet hook can cause hand fatigue.

It’s important to choose a chunky crochet hook that is easy to use.

I’ve tried many different types before discovering the ChiaoGoo bamboo crochet hooks – they have double indents which fit nicely into the hand and the wood is light and feels warm to hold. These crochet hooks much nicer than using a plastic crochet hook, and are environmentally friendly. They’re made from a renewable resource and because they’re made from a natural material, they will decompose and won’t stay in a landfill for 100’s of years.

Shop for light, natural chunky crochet hooks here.

With love, Lynda.


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