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Why You Should Begin to Learn Crocheting

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If you have never tried to learn to crochet, there are many reasons to do it as soon as possible. Some people have trouble with knitting and want to learn crochet to help them get comfortable with the hook, while others start crochet to crochet a blanket or a hat, and they never put the hook down. Whatever your situation is, there are a lot of great reasons to start crochet for beginners in Australia.



It has Health Benefits

The first reason to learn how to crochet is that it is excellent for your health. In fact, there is scientific evidence from a 2011 study done at the Mayo Clinic. It shows that the people who learned how to crochet or knit had lower chances of developing memory loss and cognitive impairment.

Crochet promotes the development of neural pathways in your brain, so it helps you stay mentally sharp when you get older. In addition, it helps prevent arthritis, and it can reduce anxiety.


It’s Affordable

Whenever you start a new hobby, it is important to make sure that it is affordable. With crochet, once you have the hooks, you need only the basic yarn to get started. You can make a scarf that is attractive and could cost a lot of money in a shop. You can do it as much as you want because it doesn’t cost a lot of extra money.


It Helps Reduce Anxiety

Another great reason to crochet is that it helps reduce anxiety. The repetition combined with the pattern and concentration helps to bring about a sense of calm as you do it. As you become more experienced in crochet, you will be able to do it anywhere and multi-task. You can do it while you watch television, talk to others, or wait at a doctor’s appointment. You can relax as you crochet while you are doing these other things.


You Can Crochet Lots of Beautiful Things

You may be surprised to learn that you can crochet anything you can think of. People often think it is a winter craft where you make hats, scarves, blankets, and more. However, you can do it any time, and you can make anything from bags to toys, costumes, baskets, home decor, and more.


You Can Take It Everywhere

Crochet is a simple hobby, and all you need is your hooks and your yarn. You can stick it in your bag and take it with you everywhere you go. If you end up stuck somewhere, you can pull out your crochet. You can do it while you commute, at the park, during lunch, on the beach, or anywhere else.


You Can Make Gifts

Once you get some experience, you can start making gifts for your friends and family. It doesn’t take very long to learn how to crochet because it is not difficult, and you can make scarves, hats, blankets, and other items for your family and friends. They will appreciate them more because something you make is a more personal gift.


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