Warm Heart Blanket Crochet Pattern & Online Course (learn to crochet)


easy-to-follow crochet pattern and online course that will teach you how to crochet

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Your time is precious – you only have pockets of making time and you can crochet a little. You desire to easily make beautiful things and relax at the same time. This chunky blanket kit is just for you!

Light a candle and brew a cup of tea and let the flowing movements of crocheting this blanket to help you to feel calm and escape to your happy place. You won’t want to put this crochet project down, and you’ll love improving your crochet skills as you make it.

This easy-to-follow crochet pattern and online course includes detailed video tutorials to make your creative time relaxing and effortless.

With love, Lynda.

  • what's included
    • immediate access
    • detailed video tutorials showing exactly what to do
    • 36 page crochet pattern ebook in pdf format (view online, or download and print)
    • easy to follow, step by step instructions
    • Pattern terminology – UK and US terminology
  • blanket size

    The Warm Heart Blanket is the perfect size for snuggling on the lounge or being elegantly draped across the end of your bed. It’s 1.1m (1.2yds) x 1.1m (1.2yds)

  • what you'll learn

    I’ve designed the Warm Heart Blanket to help you practice the fundamentals of chunky crochet so you can succeed at making beautiful blankets.

    With my detailed instructions you’ll:

    • have straight edges on your crocheting,
    • create seamless yarn joins (there are no bulky joins or weaving in lots of ends), and
    • practice all the common crochet stitches.
  • what you'll need
  • skill level

    Suitable as a beginner project.

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