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Homelea Hug Jumbo Yarn (Australian Merino Wool)


Arm crocheting with our soft Australian merino wool feels amazing to do!

Your yarn will be made just for you and it will be on the way to you within 8 weeks.

This gorgeous merino yarn feels amazing to hug!

I’d love to introduce you to my Homelea Hug yarn. This soft and durable extreme yarn (it’s gigantic) is made from Australian merino wool and it’s perfect for arm crocheting and knitting.


What size crochet hook or knitting needles should I use?

I recommend using crochet hooks and knitting needles that are 30mm or larger, or using it for arm crocheting or arm knitting.


Where is it grown and processed?

Homelea Hug is an extreme yarn that is fully grown and made in Australia from merino wool.

I love that the fibre in Homelea Hug is fully grown and processed in Australia. I think this adds to the “soulfulness” and amazing feel of it. It has an energy of love that comes from being made locally.


How is it made?

Homelea Hug is a felted yarn which gives the soft yarn durability and limits the amount it pills and fluffs. It also means that it’s possible to felt the yarn joins.

The size and felted texture of Homelea Hug gives it awesome definition – even the most basic stitches look fascinating made with it.


The technical stuff

Homelea Hug is an extreme yarn that comes in 1kg (2.2lb) skeins. There’s about 30m (33yds) of yarn in each ball and it’s best to give it the wool-washing-combo of cold, gentle hand wash and lie flat to dry.


What is it suitable for?

Homelea Hug is perfect for crocheting and knitting with 30mm and 35mm hooks and needles, or even your arms! I love how it looks and feels when it’s wound into a big ball and it’s ideally suited for big, chunky blankets and scarves.


How do I join such a big yarn?

One of the reasons I love creating with Homelea Hug is because it’s possible to felt the ends of it together – this means less wastage and (more importantly) no sewing in ends.

To felt the ends together all that’s needed is a felting tool, a felting mat and the following steps:

  • Cut each yarn end on an angle.
  • Overlap the two ends for approximately 5cm and lie them on the felting mat.
  • Using the felting tool, felt the two ends together. Keep rotating the join to make sure the two ends are completely joined and felted.
  • I like to give the join a good tug just to make sure it’s not going to come apart.


What else do I need to know?

You may find some vegetable matter in Homelea Hug. I love how this links the maker back to the growth of the fibre.


I hope you enjoy creating with Homelea Hug as much as I do.

With love, Lynda.



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