Patch Blankets Crochet Kit 10ply Subscriptions

From: $79.00 every 3 months for 12 months

Enjoy crocheting a new part of your chunky blanket each month.

It's a little bit of a mystery how your blanket will look made with Homelea Happy 10ply yarn (the images are indicative only as they are made with super chunky Homelea Bliss).

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  • I'm a beginner (I've never crocheted before) - will I be able to make a Patch Blanket? 

    Yes, the Happy Patch Blanket is designed specifically for learning to crochet. In addition to your crochet kit subscription, you’ll need a

  • Can I subscribe to more than one Patch Blanket?

    Yes you can. To learn the most I’d recommend making the Layered Patch Blanket along with either the Happy Patch Blanket or Folded Patch Blanket.

  • Can I change the colours ie do the Folded Patch Blanket with a natural join?

    Yes you can. Let me know what you’d like to do in the order notes at the checkout, and I’ll confirm the changes to your kit via email.

  • Can I use my Maker / VIP Member discount code?

    Yes you can.

  • When will the "early bird offer" end?

    It will be available to the end of June 2023.

  • What's the latest I can get a Patch Blanket Crochet Kit Subscription?

    The end of July 2023.

  • I'd like to make a Patch Blanket in the crochet-a-long but I don't want a kit. Can I do this?

    Yes you can do this by getting a Maker or VIP membership here.

  • How can I get a Maker / VIP Membership to get a discount or get access to the patterns?

    Pop over here. Get your membership first, and then you’ll have access to the discount code to use with your Patch Blanket Crochet Kit subscription.

  • When will it start and end?

    The first month is July 2023 and the last month is July 2024.

  • Will I receive all of the Patch Blanket patterns?

    You’ll be able to access the crochet pattern and online course for your Patch Blanket Kit. Maker and VIP members will be able to access all 3 of the Patch Blanket patterns and online courses.

  • Will there be a pdf crochet pattern that I can print out?

    Yes there will be. You’ll also have access to the online course with detailed left and right handed video tutorials.

  • Will there be video tutorials with the patterns?

    Yes, there will be left and right handed video tutorials that show how to make the blanket from start to finish. You’ll receive access to a new part each month.

  • When will I receive my yarn each month?

    I will try my absolute hardest to have the yarn with the colour on the month on the way to you by 7th day of each month but I can not guarantee it. You may receive 3 or 4 months worth of yarn in one parcel.

    Depending on where you’re located relative to my studio near Quilpie, QLD will determine when it will arrive (I’m thinking that it should be with you within 2 weeks if you’re in Australia and possibly longer if you’re outside Australia).

  • When will the payments happen?

    Your first subscription payment will happen when you order your kit, and the 3 monthly renewals will happen on 1st October 2023, 1st January 2024 and 1st April 2024. You have the option to renew manually or automatically, and you will receive a reminder 2 days before renewal.

    You have the option to do your payment automatically or manually.

  • Will my payment vary each month depending on how many skeins I'm getting?

    No, the monthly payment will be the same each 3 monthly renewal.

  • Will I receive a reminder before my payment happens?

    Yes, you’ll receive an email 2 days before.

  • Will the crochet pattern or full kits be available separately (not in a subscription)?

    Once the Patch Blankets are finished in August 2024 I will release the crochet pattern separately. I may release the full kits at the end of 2024 but I’m not sure at this stage.