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Seasonal – a year of crochet happiness

From: $4.50 / month for 13 months

Starting in August, Seasonal is time to relax and enjoy crocheting a blanket over 13 months.


It’s easy to get caught in the busy-ness of our lives and our self-care goes out the window.

Seasonal is time to relax and recharge while crocheting.

It feels good to crochet a blanket over a year, sitting down and doing a new colour each month. It’s something to savour, and enjoy the anticipation of the next box of crochet happiness being delivered.

Whether you’ve crocheted before or not, you’ll love your Seasonal journey.


how it works

Whether you join with the kit (monthly yarn delivery) or pattern (BYO yarn) subscription, each month crochet a new colour that reflects the Australian seasons, and finish making the blanket over 13 months. It starts in August 2024 and goes until August 2025.

Included is lifetime access to 2 crochet patterns with tutorials, and both can be made with 2 different yarn sizes.

For crochet kit subscriptions, enjoy opening a Seasonal Box with the yarn needed to crochet the month’s colour, as well as a colour coordinated tea.


easy to crochet with video tutorials and zoom meet-ups

Both patterns includes detailed video tutorials (left and right handed) where I show you how to make the blanket from start to finish. It’s a great way to practice the crochet stitches, and enjoy their meditative movements.

There’s Monthly Meet-Ups on zoom to crochet, chat and get help.  If you’re new to crocheting, there’s “learn to crochet” zooms during August, September and October.



What will you choose?

Will you make one, or maybe 2 blankets? Or maybe make your blanket twice the size with 2 kits?

Select the pattern and yarn size that’s best for you . . .


yarn size:

Both Homelea Lass yarns are made from the same soft merino wool that’s 100% Australian grown and made, with no offshore processing and no acrylic or superwash.

  • Homelea Bliss super chunky yarn: the big size makes it the quickest and easiest to crochet with, it’s about 1cm (o.4in) thick. Use a 15.75mm crochet hook with it.
  • Homelea Happy 10ply / worsted yarn: soft and textural, this yarn is an absolute joy to crochet with. Depending on the pattern, use a 5mm or 6mm crochet hook with it. Learning to crochet with this yarn size is very doable.


blanket pattern:

  • Happy Patch Blanket: beginner project suitable for learning to crochet, the patches are crocheted individually and joined at the end. It’s a snuggle on the lounge size (1.15m x 1.2m).
  • Layered Patch Blanket:  easy crochet project with different stitches and techniques to the Happy Patch Blanket, it’s crocheted all in one with no joining of patches required. It’s a cover my lap and legs size (1.35m x 0.9m).



what to expect

Here’s a little more about your year of crochet happiness . . .


what’s needed

  • crochet hook – 15.75mm for the Homelea Bliss super chunky blankets / 5mm for the Happy Patch Blanket made with Homelea Happy 10ply / 6mm for the Layered Patch Blanket made with Homelea Happy 10ply
  • scissors
  • tape measure
  • 2 stitch markers
  • the desire to make a colourful chunky blanket
  • pattern (BYO yarn) subscriptions only – 12 colours x 220m (240yds) + 1 colour x 330m (360yds) of 10ply / worsted weight yarn, or 12 colours x 65m (71yds) + 1 colour x 130m (142yds) of a yarn that is about 1cm (0.4in) thick

Get the hook and/or tools that you need in this special Seasonal bundle.


what happens each month

  • 2 days before the start of the month: receive an email reminder about the subscription renewal
  • 1st day of the month: a new video update is released to introduce the new colour and what’s happening during the month, the subscription renewal will happen
  • before the 10th day of the month: for crochet kit subscriptions, the monthly boxes will be sent with the month’s yarn colour and an email with the tracking number will be received
  • last week of the month in August, September and October: “learn to crochet” zooms will happen (day and time to be voted on in the first month)
  • last Sunday of the month at 12noon QLD time: monthly zoom meet-up will happen


it’s easy to manage your subscription

  • pause or cancel any time and you’re not committed to completing the full 13 months
  • renew manually or automatically, and receive a reminder email 2 days before renewal
  • you’ve got complete control over your subscription via your Homelea Lass account (and I’m here to help you via the web chat at the bottom right corner of the Homelea Lass website)
  • if a kit subscription can’t renew within 30 days there is a 20% fee to cover additional administration and storage
  • the first subscription payment will happen when ordering, and the renewals for the 2nd to 13th months will happen on the first day of the month



made in Australia

I design each pattern and make all of the Homelea Lass kits by hand in the Homelea Lass studio. It’s located on a remote cattle property near Quilpie in south west Queensland, Australia. I use Australian made and sustainable components whenever possible.



Seasonal is the enjoyable and achievable way to crochet a blanket.

You’re going to love your year of crochet happiness!


With love, Lynda.


  • I'm a beginner (I've never crocheted before) - will I be able to crochet a blanket?

    Yes, the Happy Patch Blanket is designed specifically for learning to crochet. There’s lots of helpful hints for new crocheters, and the detailed video tutorials show exactly what to do. There’s in person help in the “learning to crochet” zoom sessions in August, September and October.

    The Happy Patch Blanket kit is available in both yarn sizes (Homelea Bliss super chunky yarn and Homelea Happy 10ply yarn).

    Homelea Bliss super chunky yarn is easier and quicker to crochet with because of how big it is, but starting out with Homelea Happy 10ply is very doable too!


  • Can I subscribe to more than one kit?

    Yes you can. To learn the most I’d recommend making both the Layered Patch Blanket and the Happy Patch Blanket.

    Make a bigger blanket by getting 2 kits of the same blanket and yarn size.

  • When will Seasonal start and end?

    The first month is August 2024 and the last month is September 2025.

  • Are the full patterns available now or will they be released month by month?

    There is full access to the patterns and tutorials now.

  • Is there a pdf crochet pattern that I can download or print?

    Yes there is a pdf crochet pattern for both the Happy Patch Blanket and the Layered Patch Blanket.

    You’ll also have access to the online course with detailed left and right handed video tutorials.

  • Are there video tutorials with the patterns?

    Yes, there are left and right handed video tutorials that show how to make the blanket from start to finish.

  • What stitches are used in the patterns?

    Both blankets have similar stitches, and the configuration of them is different.


    In UK terminology:

    • both blankets have chain, double crochet and double crochet through the back loop stitches
    • the Layered Patch Blanket also has double crochet through the back bar stitches
    • the Happy Patch Blanket also has a slip stitch joining method


    In US terminology:

    • both blankets have chain, single crochet and single crochet through the back loop stitches
    • the Layered Patch Blanket also has single crochet through the back bar stitches
    • the Happy Patch Blanket also has a slip stitch joining method
  • When will I receive my yarn each month?

    Your yarn delivery will be sent by 10th day of each month. Depending on where you’re located relative to my studio near Quilpie, QLD will determine when it will arrive (I’m thinking that it should be with you within 2 weeks if you’re in Australia and possibly longer if you’re outside Australia).

  • How much yarn will I receive in a kit?

    For the Homelea Bliss super chunky kits:

    • the Layered Patch Blanket is 1 x 300g ball each month for 13 months
    • the Happy Patch Blanket is 1 x 300g ball each month for 12 months, and 2 x 300g balls for the last month

    There is no joining yarns within the colours for the Homelea Bliss super chunky kits.


    For the Homelea Happy 10ply kits:

    • the Layered Patch Blanket is 2 x 50g balls each month for 13 months
    • the Happy Patch Blanket is 2 x 50g balls each month for 12 months, and 3 x 50g balls for the last month to join the patches together

    A new ball does need to be joined / added in each colour for the Homelea Happy 10ply blankets.

  • What are the colours?

    Each of the Seasonal blankets is made with either 12 or 13 different Homelea Lass colours (one colour per month) – indigo blue, ocean blue, mint green, spring green, olive green, daisy yellow, cosy coral, sunny peach, minna pink, pinkie pink, vintage purple, amethyst purple and for the Happy Patch Blanket, the patches are joined with natural undyed.

  • I have a pattern (BYO yarn) subscription, how do I know what yarn I need?

    Depending on the yarn size:

    • 10ply / worsted weight: 12 colours x 220m (240yds) + 1 colour x 330m (360yds)
    • yarn that is about 1cm (0.4in) thick: 12 colours x 65m (71yds) + 1 colour x 130m (142yds) of a yarn that is about 1cm (0.4in) thick

    Find more detailed information about the amount of yarn needed for the Happy Patch Blanket here and the Layered Patch Blanket here

  • When will the renewal payments happen?

    They will happen when you order your subscription for the first month, and then for the 2nd to 13th months the payments will happen on the 1st day of the month. You have the option to do your payment automatically or manually.

  • Will I receive a reminder before my payment happens?

    Yes, you’ll receive an email 2 days before.

  • Do I need to pay for shipping?

    Within Australia, shipping is free for orders over $50, and for orders under $50 it is $5 for shipping.

    For Maker and VIP Members, shipping is free on all orders.

    Find out more about shipping here.

  • I'd like to make the blanket with different colours using Homelea Happy 10ply but the colours are sold out at present. Will more be available?

    Homelea Happy 10ply has been more popular than I expected and has been selling out. The good news is that there is more yarn arriving all the time.

    Homelea Lass Members get advanced notice of what yarn is arriving and can pre-order it.

  • Can I use my Maker / VIP Member discount code?

    Absolutely! It will give you a discount and free shipping each month on the kit subscriptions – 10% for Maker memberships and 25% for VIP memberships.

    Maker and VIP members have a special code that gives them the pattern subscription for free.

  • How can I get a Maker / VIP Membership to get a discount on my kit?

    Pop over here. VIP members get 25% off and Maker members get 10% off each month as well as free shipping.

    Get your membership first, and then you’ll have access to the discount code.

  • I have a different question - how can I get an answer to it?

    I love hearing from you so ask me all your questions via the web chat in the bottom right corner of the page. You can also email me at [email protected] or get in contact with me here.

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