succeed at making gorgeous chunky blankets
in the comfort of your own home



✔️ easily master chunky crochet with support

✔️ learn online when it suits you

✔️become more mindful and calm

✔️ get help with any crochet pattern

✔️ make stylish blankets that look amazing









“chunky crochet is relaxing”

Lynda Rennick, founder of Homelea Lass







make beautiful blankets quickly

week 1:

  • how to start
  • how to hold the crochet hook and yarn
  • chain and treble stitches
  • how to get neat and even edges

week 2:

  • check you’re doing it right
  • double crochet stitches
  • practice crochet stitches
  • join yarn seamlessly

week 3:

  • weave in the starting end
  • how to count stitches
  • practice everything you’ve learnt so far

week 4:

  • lots more practice
  • fasten off
  • weave in the final end

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about your teacher

Hi, I’m Lynda! I’m a chunky crochet designer and teacher and I’m from Melbourne, Australia.

I’m passionate about effortless design and crocheting easily. I know you’re busy and want to spend your time relaxing and making beautiful things, not fumbling around with instructions you don’t understand and making blankets that look “okay”.

I discovered the healing and relaxing powers of crochet after I was knocked down by chronic fatigue in 2012. Crochet helped me to escape to my happy place and rebuild my life.





Can I use any yarn to crochet my blanket?
Yes, you can use any yarn to crochet your chunky blankets. You’ll need at least 400m of yarn that is about 1cm (0.4in) in diameter.

What size crochet hook will I need?
The first blanket is designed for a 25mm crochet hook.

How big is the first chunky blanket?
The Warm Heart Blanket is sized for snuggling on the lounge of being draped over the end of your bed. It’s 1m x 1m.

How do I get 20% off and free shipping?
The 20% off and free shipping code is available to you in our Online Classroom.

How long will it take me to make my first chunky blanket?
It will take 4 weeks (a new section each week). There are 50 videos that step you through the entire making process.

What are the videos like?
The video tutorials in Blanket School show how to make the blanket from start to finish. You can make your blanket only by following the videos – perfect if reading crochet patterns isn’t your thing.

How will I find out what’s happening in Blanket School?
You’ll receive a Blanket School email every Saturday morning with what’s happening during the week. You can also find out what’s happening in our Facebook group.

How does the free trial work?
The free trial gives you full access to Blanket School – the online classes, live Q&A webinars, Masterclasses and Facebook Group. Your access will run for the duration of the Welcome Lesson and Lesson 1 of the Warm Heart Blanket so you’ll be able to start making your chunky blanket.

After the free trial, how much does Blanket School cost?
Blanket School membership is only $45AUD/month for over $2,000 of crochet resources and support.

Once I join, can I pause or cancel my membership?
You can pause or cancel your membership at the end of your current month by emailing


Blanket School is a wonderful way to slow down
and be more mindful, while making
something beautiful for you and your home.