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Quick Crochet Patterns

Categories: Crocheting

Explore the quickest Homelea Lass patterns and kits to make, and learn the best order to make them in to improve your crochet skills.

Grab a cuppa and join me, Lynda, in the Homelea Lass studio as we explore 6 crochet patterns you’ll be able to whip up quickly and impress your family and friends (and yourself!) with. You’ll discover:

  • what the finished item is like
  • the crochet skills needed and what you’ll learn while you’re making it
  • the yarn, crochet hook and other tools needed
  • ideas to vary the pattern and put your personal touch to it
  • see what the crochet pattern and online course is like

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crochet these patterns and mark them complete when you’re finished

Chunky Heart Crochet Kit - Video Tutorials - Australian Merino Wool | Homelea Lass
Chunky Crochet Star | Homelea Lass Contemporary Crochet

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