Do You Need An Inspiration Injection?

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Every now and again I find myself getting a bit stale. Not in an old piece of bread way but in a thinking kind of way. I find I need to step outside my regular routine and inject some inspiration into my thoughts to keep them fresh and fun. I like to think of getting an inspiration injection as “investing in myself”. One of the ways I do this is by attending the Artful Business Conference, and you can still get access to the videos! Yay, it’s inspiration time!

The Artful Business Conference (or ABC for short) gives me an inspiration injection in two ways:

  • learning new knowledge – hearing successful creative people talk about how and why they do what they do is incredibly motivating.
  • building community – being able to connect with other like-minded people makes me go “ahhhh”.

Tell me more . . .

ABC is happening on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th September 2014 (you can still get virtual access here) and it is where “creative enthusiasm meets business sense” (to quote from the conference info). The conference is run by Elle from Studio Exsto. Elle is an amazing creative business person who has a wealth of knowledge and good advice, and she’s got the knack of getting together a great line up of interesting speakers.

Who is it for . . . 

In my experience ABC is perfect if you’re a blogger, creative business person or if you dream of working for yourself.

How do I get involved?

You can attend the event in Melbourne, go to a satellite event in Canberra or get a virtual pass from anywhere! I love the virtual passes!

A bit more about virtual . . . 

The virtual pass is fabulous for rural folks, those that aren’t able to travel or if you have other commitments – it means you don’t have to miss out on an inspiration injection. Provided you’ve got reasonable internet access and a computer, you can watch and interact with the conference and interact with other virtual attendees. I’ll be logging in on my iPad, and I’m planning of using my Apple Tv so that I can see the conference up on my big screen tv (while I crochet of course).

Access to the videos is fabulous . . .

The thing I loved about last year’s ABC was having access to the conference videos after the event so that it doesn’t matter if you miss something (especially if you sleep in).

I always look forward to getting an inspiration injection! Tickets are still available so you can access the virtual videos here.

Do you have any questions about my experiences with the Artful Business Conference?


P.S. Like all my blog posts, this is my honest opinion and is written from my heart – I do love the Artful Business Conference and I thought you might be interested in it too. The link to purchase tickets is an affiliate link which means if you use this link to buy a ticket I’ll get a small financial reward.


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