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7 Favourite Crochet Things – International Crochet Day 2014


Did you know that today is International Crochet Day? How fantastic is it that there is a day for crochet? I thought it would be lovely to celebrate with you, so here are 7 of my favourite crochet things.

One – I adore my Tour de Crochet chunky floor rug that I made using my arms – no crochet hook required! You can make one too because the pattern is available here.


Two – The Field of Wildflowers Rug looks amazing!


Three – I’m looking forward to using this White Gum Wool that was hand dyed by Jenna at Nunnaba – it feels soooo soft and the colours are amazing.


Four – During winter it was lovely to snuggle up with my Cold Hands Warm Heart rug.


Five – I loved making this Outing Scarf.


Six – Making my You Spin Me Round Necklace is always fun!


Seven – I challenged myself when I made this 3 piece baby set for the Chinchilla Show. This set has been awarded 2 firsts this year!


And as a bonus, here is a bit more International Crochet Day goodness!




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