The Benefits of Making Space

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Making Space | blog post by Homelea Lass


This week I’ve been making space. After I was finished I was surprised by the ripple effect it’s created in my home, and on me. It’s made my home and my mind feel clearer and calmer. It feels good.


It all started when I felt the need to (finally) tackle my studio in my “home away from home” – it was a disaster area where I was really just storing and dumping my creative stuff. The amount of disorganised “stuff” had reached tipping point and I needed to do something about it.

So I did.

I pulled everything out and reorganised it.


And do you know what?  I’m so glad I did.

It’s so nice to sit down and create in my studio; my own  space where I’m surrounded my yarns and other things that soothe my soul.


I found that there is a ripple effect to making space.

The thing I didn’t realise before I started sorting out my studio was that by having one room out-of-whack it affected how I lived in the whole house.

My spare bedroom had become a messy overflow of my studio. My computer, camera and diary were living in the lounge room. I was all over the place!

Since I’ve decluttered there’s now there’s less “stuff” in the lounge and it feels calmer. It’s a space for my family to relax and to just be.


In the process of making space in my studio I’ve made space in the entire house. 

My studio, lounge and spare bedroom are clutter free. I even go stuck into my clothes!

I pulled them all out, put aside the ones I haven’t been wearing and organised the rest so they’re easy to find. Deciding what to wear each day is now enjoyable – no more rummaging around trying to find my favourite undies!


Now that my house is sorted, my mind feels clearer too.

Have you noticed how that happens?

I’ve learnt that when I put energy into making my physical space feel good, then energetically I get a spring clean too. The old rubbish disappears and there’s more space for the good stuff.

I feel like I’ve got more mental space for what my soul longs to do – my Soulful Yarn School, more designing, adding more products to my online boutique and working on create:love:give. And more writing and sharing with you of course!


Making space and having a home that feels good is something that I keep coming back too, after all it’s the reason why I created my Love, Laughter and Happiness Printable. There will be much more making space in my future because it makes me feel so good.

With love, Lynda.