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I’ve been musing something over and over in my head and I thought I would share my musing with you because you might have some good advice for me.


The background to my question . . .

When I first dreamt of bringing my Soulful Yarn School to life I thought that each month I would send out parcels filled with gorgeous yarn. As I was preparing the first parcel, the yarn inspired me to design a cowl, which then inspired me to design a crochet block. I ended up sending out two crochet patterns with the first Soulful Yarn School parcel.

It felt right to design a crocheted block, a Soulful Yarn Block, for each month’s yarn. Something that could be easily made to fully experience the yarn.

Each block could be a way of exploring different crochet stitches and techniques; a gentle compliment to the yarn discovery of my Soulful Yarn School. The different blocks could then be joined together to create a Soulful Yarn Blanket.

This led me to wonder – would anyone want to be part of my Soulful Yarn School without receiving yarn in the mail? Would anyone want to receive a new crochet block pattern each month?

I came to realise that this may be a great way to learn about different yarns and crochet stitches with the flexibility of using yarn that’s on hand, from a local yarn store or from my boutique.


How it would work . . .

I’m thinking that each “Soulful Yarn Block membership” would include:

– an email on the 26th of each month with a pdf crochet pattern for the Soulful Yarn Block (in both UK and US terminology) and information about the month’s soulful yarn,

– full email support from me for crocheting the block,

– the ability to add the crochet pattern into your Ravelry library,

– access to the Soulful Yarn School facebook group to connect with other yarn lovers, and

– the option of buying the month’s soulful yarn before it is released for sale in my boutique.


My question for you . . .

Does this interest you? Do you think it would interest anyone? What kind of price should I charge? Do you have any suggestions, comments or ideas?

I’d love to hear what you think – let me know in the comments below or at [email protected].

Thank you!


With love, Lynda.


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