5 Things I’m Doing To Keep Feeling Good

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Phew! What a massive couple of weeks it’s been! With Finders Keepers approaching quickly I’m finding myself slipping back into my bad habit of doing too much and ending up in an exhausted mess which is not much fun at all.

At present my energy levels are the highest they’ve been since I first got sick over 4 years ago and I really want to keep them like they are. I’ve been learning how to do this and I thought today I’d share with you 5 things I’ve been doing to keep my energy up – just in case it might help you too.


Reminding myself that it will happen when the time is right

It feels like there is sooo much I want to get done before Finders Keepers and there’s just not going to be enough time. When I start getting stressed out about this I gently remind myself that it will happen when the time is right and if that’s after Finders Keepers then that’s okay. It will be what it will be.



This one has been a game changer for me! I’ve discovered that instead of pushing on if I let myself rest I feel heaps better – so much more positive and energetic (I’m probably a nicer person to be around too.) This includes sleeping in of a morning if I feel like I need it – I’ve discovered that it’s not lazy, it’s a necessity.


Dropping out of my mind and into my body

The energy healing work I’ve been doing has helped me to realise that I get really exhausted when I get stressed, anxious and worried. When I’m doing this all my energy is up in my mind and I’m completely disconnected from my body and my soul.

To drop back into my body and out of my head I meditate and pull my energy and attention into my body. Immersing myself in some repetitive crochet or knitting helps with this.


Essential Oils

I’ve recently started using essential oils more regularly and I’m loving them. They’re helping me to feel more relaxed, positive and focused. I’ve intuitively chosen a couple that I’m using frequently and I posted about this over on Facebook during the week.


Trusting my intuition and my instinct

Finders Keepers is my first big market and it’s a whole new world for me! I’ve got absolutely no idea what’s going to work and what’s not going to work and I find myself stressing because I don’t have control.

I’ve realised that I just need to trust my intuition and my instinct and accept that this is a learning experience. Regardless of how much controlling I do there is still going to be lots of things that won’t be ideal. This is a learning experience and I want to enjoy it which means accepting it for what it is and doing the best I can.


I’m learning heaps from this whole experience and I’m loving it. I hope there’s something in this which helps you too.

With love, Lynda.