The Things You Learn at Finders Keepers . . . and a Yarn Sale!

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When I applied to go to The Finders Keepers market in Brisbane last year I didn’t realise how much I was going to learn.

When I filled out my application back it was a looong shot; I did it to get practice at applying for a big market because it was something I wanted to do in the future.

Needless to say, I wasn’t surprised when I missed out on a stall and I decided to accept a position on the waitlist. A couple of months later, on a Friday afternoon when hubby and I were doing another one of our road trips, I received an email – I had a stall at Finders Keepers! Oh my!

I was overjoyed! Absolutely overjoyed! It was a dream come true!


Making It Happen

I accepted the offer and got stuck into making it happen. I had 6 weeks to come up with a cohesive range of products, a stall and all the other things to go with having your first market stall!

The time was a blur as I wrote patterns, photographed, designed, styled, ordered, chased deliveries and put together a gorgeous stall.

Without realising it, I fell back into my pattern of controlling and pushing and draining myself. My abundance blocks were activated and subconsciously I was scared (will I be a failure, will anyone buy my products, what if I make no money) and my old familiar patterns were a “comfortable” way of dealing with it.

Having a huge goal got me out of bed each morning but I was exhausted and it wasn’t as enjoyable as it could have been. I was all in my head, and disconnected from my body and soul.


I did it!

Set up day came and my dream became a realtiy. For 2 days I got to share my gorgeous yarns and designs with lovely people – in real life! I got to squish and talk and listen all day long and I loved it.

I’ll be honest with you – it cost me more to do Finders Keepers than I made in sales – but I did learn soooo much, met so many amazing people and I walked away with lots of ideas.


So Much Learning

I came away buzzing – I had so many ideas and I got stuck into bringing them to life (that’s how my chunky crochet starter kit came into being).

One of the things I learnt at the Brisbane Finders Keepers was how much I loved focussing on my chunky yarns and designs.

I love sharing them on Instagram and Facebook, feeling them, designing with Homelea Bliss and Homelea Hug and how good it felt when someone bought one of my chunky yarns and was excited to go home and start crocheting.

I felt into this further as I went through Pop Up Shop Glen Innes and early this year I decided that Homelea Lass would become all about my chunky yarns, blankets and other homewares. Do you know what? It felt so very, very right.

I still love my “non-chunky” crochet design and products, but deep down in my heart they feel more look a hobby than a calling. My true passion lives with chunky crochet and knitting.


Making Changes

So what’s changed? I’ve started up Creative and Happy  Instagram and Facebook accounts for my “non-chunkies” and I’ve also opened up an Etsy shop which is full of so much “non-chunky” goodness!

There’s lots of soulful yarns, crochet hooks, books and other lovely yarny things. I haven’t decided if my Etsy store will be a permanent thing or if I will use it to sell the stock I do have. It will depend on the level of demand and what feels right in the future.

The prices are amazingly good for these high quality products and shipping is added at checkout. If you live in Glen Innes, Dalby or Chinchilla feel free to use the coupon code FREELOCALPICKUP for free shipping and I’ll delivery your purchases myself!


A Yarn Sale

To celebrate the opening of my Etsy store I’ve put together some beautiful “mystery yarn packs” and they’re up to 50% off!

They’re only available on my Etsy shop for this week – so get in and buy your mystery yarn before Sunday 12th February!


The Story Continues . . .

This blog post was just going to be about opening my Etsy shop but I received some amazing news during the week – I’m going to the Sydney Finders Keepers in May! Yay!

I’ve been fluctuating between excitement and fear (hello abundance blocks) and am determined to approach this Finders Keepers differently. There’s going to be more flow, releasing my fears and happiness, using my essential oil, vibrational and energy healing skills in this preparation. I’m looking forward to going on this journey.

I’m working on an amazing pre-order special to help me fund this Finders Keepers trip (one of my intentions is for it to be a financial success). Stay tuned for more info (and let me know if you have any ideas!).


Thank You

I’d just like to end this blog post by saying thank you. Thank you for being part of my community. Thank you for helping me to bring my dream and calling to life. Thank you for squishing my yarns and blankets and loving them just as much as I do.


With love, Lynda.

P.S. don’t forget to go and get your gorgeous mystery yarn pack in my Etsy store now!