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How to bring your creative dreams to life

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Do you feel a deep desire to spend your days doing what you love? Are you trying so hard to bring your creative dreams to life but you just can’t get there? You want to do it, but it’s just not happening?


I know this feeling so very well. For years I desired for Homelea Lass to be a real creative business, but I just couldn’t get there. It was like I was lost in the forest, going round and round, with no way of getting out.

I tried so many things – I pushed, I planned, I controlled . . . and it was only when I dove deeply into energy healing and essential oils that I was able to weave real change and beauty in my life.
Today Homelea Lass is everything I desire for it to be. It fills me with so much joy to be able to wrap women in love.

I’d love for you to be able to bring your creative dreams to life too.

I feel a deep desire to work one-on-one with soulfully creative woman to help achieve their dreams, just like I was able to do for myself.


Does this feel like you? At present I have two ways we can work together – with regular and ongoing support as one of my doTERRA Wellness Advocates, or by diving deeply into a Creative Soul Mentorship.

Let me tell you a little bit more about these.


Regular and ongoing support as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.

Using doTERRA essential oils has brought so much change and beauty into my life – it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’m more motivated, happy, energetic, grounded and creative than I’ve ever been, and I’d love for you to experience this too.

In addition to my individual support, you’ll get access to an amazing community of essential oil lovers and our weekly group energy balances – it’s a lovely way to reconnect and realign with your creative dreams.

Your investment is through a doTERRA wholesale membership – for $35 you receive my support and access to high quality essential oils at wholesale prices for 12 months, with the option of purchasing an essential oil enrolment kit.

I love that with the wholesale membership there’s no minimum order value or a requirement to sell the essential oils – just 25% off retail pricing for a year and my support in bringing your creative dreams to life through using essential oils.


Let’s dive deeply and lusciously with a Creative Soul Mentorship.

I’d love to work deeply and individually with you to help bring your creative dreams to life.

Over 6 months we’ll meet weekly (either in person or on skype) and weave magic by balancing your energy and accessing your innate wisdom so that you can move into your creative potential too.

You’ll have full access to my wisdom and guidance. I’ll use my skills as an empath, an intuitive, an energy healer and essential oil lover; as well as my knowledge as a business woman, blogger, designer, civil engineer and project manager.

To get the most out of this deep dive you’ll need to invest deeply in yourself. You need to hold deeply to what you desire and make it a priority in your life. You need to show up and do the work, even when it feels the most uncomfortable you’ve ever felt – because this is when the true magic happens. You also need to invest $2,950 to receive your Creative Soul Mentorship (either up front or over 6 equal payments).

I’d love to support you in bringing your creative dreams to life by diving deeply and lusciously – so much magic can happen!


Are you ready to achieve your creative dreams?

If you’d love my support in bringing your soulful desires to life then let’s chat! Pop over here and schedule a time for us to talk more about your creative dreams and how I can help you.

With love, Lynda.



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