Redefining Self-Love

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Why is it that self-love is so hard to do? I completely get why I need to do it, but I just struggle with doing it!


My Ah-Ha moment

During my chronic fatigue journey, I had an “ah-ha!” moment – in order for me to spread my light and goodness into the world, first I need to look after myself.

If I want to be a wonderful wife, designer and creative I need to make sure I have an ample supply of energy and life force. To have this I need to love myself.

I need to rest, and most importantly, I need to have time for fun and enjoyment in my life.

Life isn’t all about pushing myself so hard to please everyone else and meet my incredibly high standards. Life is about living and being happy.


Maybe it’s because “self-love” sounds “self-ish”.

Maybe it’s the word itself. Ahhhhh maybe.

So now I’m calling it “honouring myself”.

I am putting myself first. I am a sovereign being and I deserve the very best – just saying that feels so powerful! I fill my days with light and love and abundance. So much joy and happiness . . . and creativity!


A little reminder just for me

To remind myself to “honour myself’ I’ve crocheted a chunky heart just for me, and I popped a drop of Bergamot essential oil on it. Bergamot is the “oil of self-acceptance” and it’s helping me to love and honour all that I am, in all my glory.

This is a beautiful gift just for me, and I just realised that it would be a beautiful gift for my soul sisters as well.


Would you love a chunky heart too?

If you’d love a chunky heart made for you then pop over here, or if you’d love to make one yourself then pop over here. Or get the free crochet pattern here.

They’re such a lovely reminder to honour yourself.

With love, Lynda.


Chunky Wool Heart | hand crafted by Homelea Lass using 100% Australian grown and processed merino wool