The Beauty of Letting Go

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I thought this blog post was going to be about decluttering. I’m fond of a good declutter and I’m in the middle of a “declutter cycle” right now.

As I sat down to write I soon came to see that my words were about letting go. Letting go of things (like decluttering), but also mindsets and beliefs and energy.

I thought my words were for someone else, but it turned out they were for me too. I need to keep letting go . . .


Letting go is a continual process. It starts out small, and before long, it just happens. Constantly.

It’s the evolution of our soul. As we stripe back everything, bit by bit, we rediscover who we really are. Who we are meant to be.

If you’re feeling trapped and lost and anxious know this – it’s okay. It’s okay to feel like this because it’s not going to be like this forever. Find something small to let go of, and let it go. And then keep letting go.

One day you’ll discover letting go has become something you just do.

It’s part of your transformation.

When you start to feel trapped again, surrender into letting go. Let it become your peaceful place.

Letting go loosens your stuck energy. What you no longer need becomes loved by someone else. By honouring yourself you are honouring your soul and your soul connections.


I stood in my studio this week and knew it was time to let go.

Time to make space and allow the 2018 transformation to begin.


So many beautiful creations told me they need to be released, to fly into the arms of their new home, to soothe the soul they were meant to soothe.

My soul sale is now live on my website, and it’s all 50% off.

Which one is meant to enrich your soul?

Find your soul’s gift here.

With love, Lynda.


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Midnight Garden Chunky Wool Blanket | Homelea Lass

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