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Macarla Blanket

The softness and warmth of your Macarla Blanket will wrap you and your family in love.



There’s something so special about lazy mornings in bed and snuggling on the couch and this is the essence of the Macarla Blanket. Designed to wrap a special family in love, just touching it makes you feel warm and happy inside.

Made with 100% Australian grown and processed merino wool and available in 12 different colours, I’ve carefully designed the Macarla Blanket so it will keep it’s good looks even when it’s used every day.

  • Depending on what you love the most, you can have your Macarla Blanket with the border or without. There are 3 different sizes available:
  •    – “little snuggles” is perfect for curling up with a cup of tea,
  •    – “single snuggles” is ideal for lying down with a good book,
  •    – “double snuggles” will wrap you and your favourite person in love.
  • (If you’d like a different size please contact me for a custom price.)


Made For You

I’d love to make a Macarla Blanket just for you.

As I soulfully create your Macarla Blanket I’ll weave a loving energy into every stitch to wrap you in love and help you feel peaceful and happy.


Make Your Own

Why not experience the joy of soulfully creating your own Macarla Blanket?

We’re making a Macarla Blanket in the very first round of Blanket School – pop over here to find out more.


Caring for your Macarla Blanket

Your Macarla Blanket will keep its good looks for a long time with a little love.

When possible, I recommend spot cleaning it with a wool detergent. For a full wash, simply let it soak in cool water with some wool detergent, rinse and then remove the excess water by rolling it up in towels. Then lay it flat in the shade to let it dry.


Are you dreaming about being wrapped in a Macarla Blanket and would love to find out more? Pop over here to schedule a time to chat with me – I’m looking forward to it.

With love, Lynda.