I’ve released my first collection for Homelea Lass and I’d love to share it with you because it signifies the start of something new – a passionate new life that has emerged from some of my toughest experiences.

4 years ago I was knocked down by debilitating fatigue and my life changed over night. I went from being a energetic and driven engineer to barely being able to leave my home.

In the years that followed I sought refuge in crochet and it has helped me to slowly regain my health and rediscover who I am. Along the way I’ve unearthly a passion for natural fibres and chunky textiles that fills me with so much love and happiness.

My experiences have helped me to form the philosophy that the art of creating soulfully has a transformational power that can be experienced in the act itself and also in the energy of the finished object. My designs explore soulful creation and the link between feeling, healing and making.

With love,