Loving Pippi – the ultimate camera hand bag

Disclaimer – I received a discount when I bought Pippi in return for doing a review. I’ve written this blog post from my heart and it contains my honest opinions and thoughts.

Loving Pippi - the ultimate camera hand bag | blog post by Homelea Lass

I recently upgraded my camera to a Nikon D810 and when brought her home I discovered that she had outgrown all my camera bags. I then started the hunt for the perfect bag to protect my new camera and suit my lifestyle. This is when I discovered Pippi.

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Wouldn’t It Be Amazing To Live a Life Full of Love?

I looked down into the eyes of my little dog and I saw one thing. Love.


I looked down into the eyes of my little dog and I saw one thing.


Her unconditional love for me coupled with her desire for me to love her unconditionally too.

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You Never Know, It Might Ignite You

Try something new. You never know, it might ignite you | blog post by Homelea Lass #creativehappylife

I’ve started something new. Something exciting and different. And I’ve learnt something from it. 


In this blog post I  described how I had a fresh start to 2015. How easing into the new year slowly revealed a new me. A lighter and more creative me.

One amazing opportunity that emerged during my fresh start was an offer to write a column “Being Happy, Staying Positive” for the Downs Champion. The first column was published this week and you can read it here.


Trying Something New

When I was approached to write the column I was interested. I reflected on it and it felt right. When I was asked “will you have time” I had the perfect response. This was something that ignited me.


Did I ever think that I’d be a newspaper columnist? No.

Did I ever think I’d be a writer? No.

Did I ever think I’d be styling and shooting photos for a media outlet? No.


And do you know what? I love writing the column. I love knowing that my words will help someone. I love creating and finessing the words until they feel right.

Writing the column ignites me. It makes me feel alive.


What I’ve Learnt

My advice to you is this – try something new. Try something you’ve never imagined doing. Do something that feels right.

You never know, it might ignite you.


With love and happiness,



Win Tickets to the Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show 2015

Disclaimer – I’ve received passes to go the Stitches and Craft Show in return for holding this giveaway. I’ve written this blog post from my heart and it contains my honest opinions and thoughts.

Win Tickets to the Brisbane Stitches Craft Show 2015


I’ve discovered that creativity is an important part of me – it ignites me, it grounds me and it fills me with happiness. My creative spark bubbled into excitement when I discovered the Stitches and Craft Show was on again in Brisbane soon.

I thought that you’d love to go to the Stitches and Craft Show too so I accepted the opportunity to give away 2 double passes. I’m filled with joy that I can give you and a crafty friend a bit of creative happiness.

Are you excited? Keep reading to find out how you can win.


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A Fresh Start

a fresh start


I’ve been having a deep and slow start to 2015. I’ve felt the need to start the new year differently by leaving the past behind and building solid foundations for the future.

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Strawberry and Mint Water

How to make Strawberry and Mint Water | recipe by Homelea Lass


When I’m entertaining I always like to have a jug of water for guests to help themselves too.


I add a bit of bling to the water by adding fruit – it gently flavours the water and makes it easy to drink.


Strawberry and Mint Water is perfect for Christmas – it’s easy to put together, it tastes delicious and it looks the part.

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How to Make a Healthy and Fun Christmas Gift

How to Make a Healthy and Fun Christmas Gift | blog post by Homelea Lass


Do you want to make a healthy Christmas gift that looks great?


This festive jar full of healthy snacks is a great gift idea that you can make.

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Naughty and Nice Festive Smoothie Recipes


How to make Naughty and Nice Festive Smoothies featuring strawberries and basil | delicious recipes by Homelea Lass


A refreshing festive drink is needed for the sweltering hot days of a summer Christmas!


I’ve got two delicious festive smoothie recipes for you that are perfect for summer – Naughty is perfect if you want to indulge a little and Nice is a healthy and delicious option.


The strawberry – basil combo that’s used in these smoothies might seem a little odd, but it’s refreshing and tasty!

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How To Make Glitter Gift Tags


How to make glitter gift tags - perfect for Christmas, birthdays, weddings and engagements | blog post by Homelea Lass


Do you want to add extra sparkle to your gift giving this Christmas?


The sparkles of these glitter gift tags makes them perfect for Christmas, but why not make a huge batch of them to use during the year as well?

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My Christmas Present to You – Free Crochet Pattern Downloads!

Merry Christmas! Free crochet pattern downloads for you! | original designs from Homelea Lass


Hi there lovely lady, how are you going? Is your Christmas season peaceful and calm? Or are you feeling a little overwhelmed?


I’ve been going with the flow over the last couple of weeks and I was excited when the flow took me to finish off my Coconut Ice Chevron Blanket crochet pattern!  Yay! It’s officially published and available on Ravelry here.


To celebrate Christmas and the release of the Coconut Ice Chevron Blanket pattern I was going to publish the pattern on the blog for you. Then I thought:

“why don’t I really share some Christmas cheer and give all my patterns on Ravelry as a Christmas present to everyone?”  

I thought this was a cracker of an idea!

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